We discontinued our Personal Care products.
Here’s why.

Hi CleanWell family

Like many of you, we’ve taken time during this health crisis to step back and reevaluate our priorities. After a lot of discussion and careful consideration, we’ve decided to step away from the Personal Care category, which includes our Botanical Hand Sanitizer Sprays, Hand Sanitizer Foams, Hand Sanitizer Wipes, and Foaming Hand Soaps, effective immediately.

As you know, the Novel Coronavirus created unprecedented demand for our products. But with industry-wide shortages and a number of manufacturing cost increases, we have and will continue to struggle to meet that kind of demand. That’s not the level of service you’ve come to expect from us, or that we expect of ourselves.

That said, we remain fully committed to providing you with our proven, EPA List N-approved Disinfecting Home Care line of products. We’re excited about the opportunity this focus presents. So much so that we’ve started developing new Home Care products that will move us, the category, and the industry forward.

We realize you may have questions, in which case we invite you to keep reading for more info. We’re grateful for your continued support and understanding—and are looking forward to what’s next.

Stay Well,
The CleanWell team

Commonly asked questions

Is your decision to discontinue production temporary?

No, and we do not have plans to make hand sanitizer or soap in the foreseeable future.

Will CleanWell® Botanical Hand Sanitizer Sprays, Foams, and Wipes; and Foaming Hand Soaps still be in stores/on sites?

Yes, until retailers run out of inventory. We do not have a way to monitor inventory at store levels though, so we recommend that you contact your local natural grocery retailer to check availability.

Will my Amazon pre-order/Subscribe and Save ship?

Amazon will fill orders until they run out of inventory. Please contact Amazon directly for specific questions about your account.

Can I use the Botanical Disinfecting Wipes and Disinfectant Cleaners as hand sanitizer?

No. Though our disinfectant products are absolutely safe for skin contact, they are registered with the EPA as disinfectant cleaners and formulated for hard, nonporous surface use only.