Frequently Asked Questions

Germ fighting 101


REMOVES dirt, soils and impurities from surfaces, but does not kill germs

Foaming Hand Soaps


REDUCES the most common germs and bacteria on skin to approved levels



KILLS specified bacteria, viruses, mildews, or fungi on hard, nonporous surfaces

Household Sprays & Wipes

What’s inside

Where are your ingredients sourced? Is CleanWell made in the U.S.?

Our products are manufactured in the U.S with ingredients that are sourced worldwide.

Do your products contain nuts or nut oils?

No. The facilities that process our ingredients, do, however, process ingredients for some other companies. While we believe that nuts are not processed at these locations, we are not able to absolutely guarantee that to be the case.

Do your products contain any animal products or by-products?

Our products do not contain any animal products or by-products. They are certified cruelty free and vegan by PETA.

Are your products cruelty-free?

Yes. We do not test on animals and are certified vegan and cruelty free through PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program.

Are your products gluten free?

While our products do contain hydrolyzed oats, these oats do not contain gluten. However, our products are manufactured on shared equipment which may process items containing gluten, so a small amount of gluten could potentially appear in our products.

Do you make any unscented products?

Thymol, the active ingredient that makes our disinfectants and hand sanitizers work, has a very distinct, herbaceous scent. This means there is no way to make CleanWell products unscented.

Product usage

Is it safe to use your products while I'm pregnant and/or nursing?

We use only plant- and mineral-based ingredients in all CleanWell products. We select all of our ingredients with great care and carefully formulate our products to be both nontoxic and effective.

Always use product as directed on the label. Individuals with sensitivity to certain compounds should always consult a physician before using a new product or when experiencing any adverse reaction. Adverse reactions are extremely rare, but if one occurs, then stop use and consult a doctor.

Should I be worried if my child puts their hands in their mouth after using a CleanWell hand sanitizer or soap or after they touch a surface where a CleanWell disinfectant has been used?

Our products are nontoxic, and the ingredients are GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA. The ingredients are also on the FDA’s Food Additive List. Hand sanitizer or soap residue left on skin after use should pose minimal threat.

The EPA classifies CleanWell’s Thymol, the active ingredient in our disinfecting products, within its lowest toxicity rating category. This means CleanWell doesn’t require a safety warning on the label or rinsing after use.

Always use product as directed on the label. Individuals with sensitivity to certain compounds should always consult a physician before using a new product or when experiencing any adverse reaction. Adverse reactions are extremely rare, but if one occurs, then stop use and consult a doctor.

What should I do if a CleanWell product is swallowed or gets in eyes?

You should expect a reaction similar to that of interaction with a very mild soap. If a quantity is ingested, then drink water to flush the system. In the unlikely event that ingestion causes physical distress, please contact your physician. For accidental contact with the eyes, you can flush with cool, clear water. Always use product as directed on the label.

Will your product irritate eczema/dermatitis?

Our products are safe for sensitive skin, including eczema and dermatitis. If you notice any irritation, discontinue use and seek medical attention if necessary.

Can I use your sprays and wipes to clean surfaces like counters, highchairs, and toys?

Yes, you can use our Botanical Disinfectant Sprays and Wipes to clean hard, nonporous surfaces. Learn more here.

Do your products have an expiration date?

All of our products have a shelf life of two years. You will generally find the expiration date on the bottom of the soap bottles or stamped on the bottom or bottom edge of the hand sanitizers.

The EPA does not require an expiration date to be printed on our Disinfecting Sprays and Wipes. However, that information is included in the lot code. You can contact CleanWell customer service for help in reading the date from the lot code.

My CleanWell product was frozen (or got really hot). Can I still use it?

Yes, it’s still good (though we really don’t recommend leaving our products in extreme hot or cold conditions!). If frozen, allow the product to warm slowly at room temperature. Do NOT heat in a microwave, etc.

Sales & distribution

Do you make refills or sell bulk product?

Unfortunately, we do not have the distribution capacity to support the production of larger sizes and/or refill containers at this time. The CleanWell product development team constantly reviews consumer feedback and our product offerings to meet the needs of our valued consumers. Refill containers are high on our list of priorities – hoping to add them to our lineup in the future!

Who can I speak with about distributing/selling CleanWell?

Who can I speak with about getting CleanWell for my office/business?

Do you offer private labeling?

We don’t currently offer private labeling of CleanWell products. We suggest adding a custom sticker or hangtag, etc. for your clients or events. For Brand Partnerships or product development inquiries, please email us at

Do you sell/ship internationally?

Our products are currently only available for sale and distribution in the U.S.

Business & media

Who can I speak with about advertising/PR/media?

Please send all inquiries to

Do you donate products or money for fundraisers?

While we’re unable to provide monetary support, we do periodically provide product for special events/fundraisers that align with our corporate goals and mission. Our product samples budget is limited, so please understand if we can’t fulfill every request. To make a request, please read our Donation policy and complete the request form.

I'd like to work/intern at CleanWell. Where can I apply?

We post all available openings on and natural products industry boards, so keep an eye out there for job and intern opportunities.

Is CleanWell a publicly traded company?

CleanWell, LLC is currently a privately held company.