We're not just another cleaning company

Not that anyone needs a reminder, but, it’s a grimy world out there.


Subway poles, kids’ sports equipment, movie theater armrests. Every. Darn. Doorknob. But life’s about getting out and living. You don’t let a little grime stop you. You just need the right support to take care of it.


So when life needs a good clean up, give it the powerful, effective, kid-friendly CleanWell clean it deserves. No toxic chemical asterisks.


Seriously. No harmful ingredients. No lingering bacteria. No compromises. Just cleansers, soaps, and sanitizers that’re planet-friendly, disinfect and kill 99.9% of everyday household germs, and are without compromise for everyone at home.


Sound too good to be true? We’re just doing clean the way it should be: without compromise. ‘Cause while it gets gross out there — and that’s cool — it’s not welcome in here.


So embrace when life gets good-and-dirty. We say:


Live Free, CleanWell.

Our products reflect our beliefs

We safely eliminate harmful germs.

We believe in doing whatever we can to help maintain the health of our families, communities, and our world. We do that without putting harsh chemicals in our bottles.

We harness the power of nature.

We find (and use) extraordinary solutions all around us. After all, nature has been killing germs longer than any artificial, man-made alternative.

We believe in embracing life’s messy moments! 

We don’t see mess as a problem, it’s what life is. So why avoid it? Get out there! Embrace the good-and-dirty. We’ll help you clean it up without compromise.

We don’t just talk the talk

We don’t just create products that are good for people, they’re good for the planet, too.

Our disinfectants are gentle and botanical

We never had to make a clean break from harsh chemicals because we never had any. We’ve always used the power of nature to deliver a clean without compromise. That’s why inside every CleanWell bottle you’ll find active ingredients like Thymol, sourced from essential oils, which is not only a powerful antiseptic, it’s biodegradable, too, meaning it breaks down quickly without upsetting the natural balance of the ecosystem.

Our goal is to make every product container recyclable

Better drives our business. It inspires us to make products that are better for your home, your life, and our planet. That’s why we’re always improving our formulas and the containers they goes in. Today, most of our bottles are completely recyclable, but we’re not satisfied until we can say the same for every container.